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4* Superior wellness hotel Carinthia, Turracher Höhe
A treat for
our guests
Heartfelt hospitality.

You can feel it from the first moment: Hotel Hochschober is a family-run business with tradition.
The  Leeb and Klein family has been running the hotel for three generations.

Values like ethics, solidarity, sustainability, social justice, participation, and transparency shape the lakeside hotel in Austria.

The lakeside wellness hotel Austria in Carinthia
The lakeside wellness hotel Austria in Carinthia
The family
Get to know your hosts, the Leeb and Klein family.
Authentic hospitality at the lakeside hotel

Since 1929, Hotel Hochschober has been pampering, caring for, and delighting its guests. The hotel has 116 rooms and employs around 130 staff members from 18 nations. Most of the Hochschober "agents with talents" come from Europe. The team also includes experts from India and China.

Learn more about the “Agents with talents

The lakeside wellness hotel Austria in Carinthia
The lakeside wellness hotel Austria in Carinthia
Relaxing atmosphere.
Pampering moments in the Kristall-Spa
at the lakeside hotel, Austria.
The Hochschober philosophy is quite simple: you have the choice between countless activities or you simply do nothing at all. There’s only one thing that is important: that you feel comfortable!
4* Superior wellness hotel Carinthia, Turracher Höhe
Fine ingredients for a memorable experience
at the lakeside hotel, Austria.
10 desirable things you
can experience
at Hochschober:

It’s the perfect blend that makes the lakeside hotel in Austria so special: those seeking peace dedicate themselves to relaxing. Active guests explore nature. Aesthetes find fresh impulses just like pleasure-seekers. Hotel Hochschober also knows how to thrill children and teenagers.

The lakeside wellness hotel Austria in Carinthia
The lakeside wellness hotel Austria in Carinthia
Recharging in the Hamam.
The lakeside wellness hotel Austria in Carinthia
Breathe deep.

Enjoy the fresh air and watch the misty clouds pass over the water.

Take your time.

For living and resting. Celebrate your siesta and simply live from day to day.

Listen and feel.

The warm water caresses the body in the Felsen-Bad and the fresh air invigorates.


To China. And enjoy the silence and beautiful view from the Teehaus in the Chinaturm with a cup of tea.

Warm up.

From head to toe, warming your heart. The large heart stone in the Hammam provides pleasant warmth. Headrests are available for comfortable rest.

Vacation at the lakeside hotel!
The family summer program offers plenty of variety for children and teenagers.

As the experts behind the bar mix, shake, and garnish pretty cocktails. The best place? On the bench directly at the bar.

Feel the Orient.

Two or four hands release tensions. Creams and oils nourish the skin and provide for a wonderful sense of well-being. For example, with Ayurvedic massages at our Kristall-Spa.

Drink tea.

Mix a cup of fruity powdered tea, nibble on candied fruits, put your feet up, and feel like being in the Orient: in the Sultan's chamber of our lakeside hotel in Austria.


Stay longer at the dinner table to take a closer look at the colours, shapes, and patterns of our fine dining experience. Or at the beautifully lit Chinaturm.

Snuggle up.

In the woollen blanket, on a lounger next to the fireplace in the library Wortreich, and watch the snowflakes dance.

Souvenirs from the lakeside hotel, Austria
Feel-good products to
take away.
The lakeside wellness hotel Austria in Carinthia
Order now!

The souvenirs are available in the hotel shop or by email - shipping by mail.

Hochschober to take home.

Nicely packaged, finely scented, and deeply nurturing. Perfect as a souvenir and to reminisce about the holidays at the lakeside hotel. Available in the hotel shop are the Hochschober room fragrance, a refreshing composition of green tea and Swiss stone pine, as well as the honey soap. An "herbal elixir for body and soul" completes the selection.

Indulgence in the lakeside hotel in Carinthia
Our signature drinks
The lakeside wellness hotel Austria in Carinthia
Julia Sekt

The sparkling delight, available in white and rosé, made from grapes from the Hochschober vineyard in Donnerskirchen in the Burgenland. With Norbert and Birgit Szigeti from the A-Nobis winery for sparkling wines, the Leeb and Klein family has found the perfect partners for the sparkling of the grapes. Currently, almost 500 bottles of Julia Sekt are maturing in Grünsee. The special SEElection can be tasted in 2029 when Hotel Hochschober celebrates its 100th birthday.

Gin Daniels

The fine-spicy gin, is named after Daniel, the son of Karin Leeb and Martin Klein.


KARMA, named after KARin Leeb and MArtin Klein, is the Hochschober red wine blend. The wine carries the name as a sign of gratitude for the good years and as a symbol for the continued collaboration, which, like a good wine, should mature further.

The lakeside wellness hotel Austria in Carinthia
Take your time.
Enjoy life.
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