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4* Superior wellness hotel Carinthia, Turracher Höhe
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Lakeside hotel Carinthia – sustainable, family-run by the Leeb and Klein family.

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As the first hotel in Austria, the lakeside hotel Hochschober in Carinthia created a common wellfare balance sheet in 2014. A sustainability report had already been made years before. In 2023, the first SDI rating followed. Employees can rely on the best working conditions. The hotel cooperates closely with partners from the region. The lakeside hotel in Carinthia has received several awards for its comprehensive sustainability measures.

A well-coordinated team:
Your hosts: the Leeb and Klein family.
"My parents brought the world to the Hochschober. Our task is to further develop what already exists, harmonise it, and lead it into the future."

Karin Leeb
Lakeside hotel Carinthia: The hosts, Leeb & Klein family

“We know that we are in the right place. And that we enjoy what we do. If you are aware of that, you can achieve anything.”

Martin Klein

A clear philosophy

The lakeside Hotel Hochschober in Carinthia is a typical family business. The Leeb and Klein family runs the lakeside hotel in its third generation. Regarding sustainability, the hotel is considered a pioneer. In 2014, Hotel Hochschober became the first hotel in Austria to present a common welfare balance sheet in addition to the financial balance sheet; in 2023, an SDI rating followed. It reflects the measures the hotel takes for the environment, for social interaction, and employer quality.

Employees with Joy

Best working conditions, intensive internal communication, and joint study trips ensure that the employees of our lakeside hotel in Carinthia are exceptionally satisfied. Further training measures are coordinated by the employee academy. The hotel also participates in the training program of the „Best Alpine Wellness Hotels“.

An economic factor for the entire region

As the largest employer in the municipality, the Leeb and Klein family is an important economic factor for the entire region. Wherever possible, the hotel collaborates closely with partners from the surrounding area - from taxi companies to farmers who supply the hotel with high-quality produce. This keeps the value creation in the region and the transport routes short. New constructions and renovations are generally carried out with craftsmen from the region. The lakeside hotel Hochschober in Carinthia supports charitable organizations and local associations, such as the SOS Kinderdorf Carinthia, the Disabled Integration Specialist Service Autark, the kindergarten, primary school, and the voluntary fire brigade in the village.

Sustainability at the hotel

In recent years, the hotel has invested a lot to become more energy-efficient. All heating and ventilation systems have been renewed, lamps have been changed to LED, and the buildings have been thermally renovated. Part of the electricity is generated by the photovoltaic system. Since 1997, the hotel has been sourcing heating energy from the wood chip plant on the Turracher Höhe. Waste prevention and waste separation at the lakeside hotel on the Turracher Höhe are regularly trained. Suppliers primarily use reusable instead of disposable containers. A modern waste press compresses the residual waste.

From the world to the mountain.
It is no coincidence that the lakeside Hotel Hochschober can boast numerous influences from China, India, and the Orient. The Leeb family's love for travelling brought fascinating innovations and inspirations to the Turracher Höhe.
Lakeside hotel Carinthia: The hosts, Leeb & Klein family
The Chinaturm: Travelling to China inspired the Leeb family to build it.
Difficult times in the early years

Hochschober founder Hans Leeb, as Barbara Leeb recounts in her memoirs, was not a great traveller. He and his wife Hilde founded the lakeside Hotel Hochschober in 1929, and the construction occupied them completely. The times were difficult. After the Great Depression came World War II. After that, English soldiers occupied the Hochschober.

The second generation gains experience

Barbara and Peter Leeb’s travels brought foreign influences to Hotel Hochschober. Before Peter took over Hotel Hochschober, he worked in Bermuda. In the early 1960s, an extraordinary workplace. Barbara, nee Seebacher, was doing her apprenticeship at the Hochschober at that time. After that, she made the courageous decision to move to Canada. She worked as a cook in a golf and country club near Toronto. Before Barbara's departure, she and Peter had grown closer. Now they had a lively (letter) contact. Barbara and Peter Leeb married in 1967.

Travelling as a source of inspiration.

In the following years, Hotel Hochschober and the family grew. Four children were born. The lakeside hotel in Carinthia became known as a pioneer in many aspects. Despite the many tasks, Barbara and Peter Leeb always found time for travel. Either it was study trips with colleagues, getaways as a couple, or with the children. Getting to know new cultures and discovering new things for the Hochschober was very important to both of them.

Friendships often developed on these trips. A special significance is attached to the Kothari family from India: for almost 40 years, the Leeb family, later also Leeb & Klein, has been friends with the Kothari family.

Innovations from the Orient and the Far East

The joy of travelling in the Leeb family, which has also been passed on to Karin Leeb and Martin Klein, owes much to the guests of the lakeside hotel in Carinthia. The Leeb family discovered the Oriental bathing culture during a trip to Istanbul in the 1980s. A visit to a hammam impressed them so much that Barbara and Peter Leeb visited hammams throughout the Orient for years. Almost ten years later, the Hochschober Hammam opened, planned by architects from Istanbul and authentically furnished. Likewise the Chinaturm was established. Trips to China aroused interest in tea culture. After years of planning, craftsmen from the region together with craftsmen from China built the four-storey tower. The plan came from an architect from China. There was no model for the See-Bad. It was conceived in the mind of Peter Leeb, who was an enthusiastic swimmer and ingenious tinkerer.

The history of the lakeside hotel in Carinthia
From a guesthouse to a wellness hotel
Lakeside hotel Carinthia: The hosts, Leeb & Klein family
Lakeside hotel Carinthia: The hosts, Leeb & Klein family
In 1934, a fire destroyed Gasthof Hochschober.
Lakeside hotel Carinthia: The hosts, Leeb & Klein family
Bathing suits from back then.
Lakeside hotel Carinthia: The hosts, Leeb & Klein family
Leeb & Klein family.
Lakeside hotel Carinthia: The hosts, Leeb & Klein family
Treasures from the Far East.
Lakeside hotel Carinthia: The hosts, Leeb & Klein family
Friendship with the Kothari family from India.
100 years.
How the success story of the lakeside hotel began

In 1929, there were only a few houses on the Turracher Höhe when Hans and Hilde Leeb opened the "Gasthof Hochschober" directly at Lake Turrach. Soon after, the guesthouse burned down, was rebuilt. After the Second World War a total renovation followed. When Barbara and Peter Leeb took over in 1967, the hotel had 75 beds. In that year, the indoor pool and sauna went into operation. Only a few hotels in Austria had facilities like these at the time. The house grew steadily. In 1995, the world's unique See-Bad opened, and in 1998, the first hammam in the Alps.

In 2003, Peter and Barbara Leeb handed over the hotel to their daughter Karin and her husband Martin Klein. The two enrich the strategy of special places and offers with new accents. In 2005, the Chinaturm opened. This was followed by the Kindervilla, the youth club, the base camp, the modernisation of almost all rooms, the library, the redesign of the Kristall-Spa, the swimming pool, and the restaurants. In a few years, in 2029, the hotel celebrates its 100th birthday and is still working every day to remain young, attractive, and innovative.

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