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4* Superior wellness hotel Carinthia, Turracher Höhe
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Eco-friendly for sustainability.
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Hotel Hochschober does a lot for
climate protection.

Eco-friendly hotel Carinthia. We work sustainably
Eco-friendly hotel Carinthia. We work sustainably
Sustainability in all areas
Eco-friendly hotel Carinthia. We work sustainably
Comfortable climate control.

The eco-friendly Hotel Hochschober in Carinthia renewed all heating and air purification systems in May 2022. The new system ensures individually tailored, comfortable temperatures and fresh air in all rooms. These modernisation measures save around 164 tons of CO2 per year.

Efficient delivery.

A supplier from Carinthia provides almost all beverages to the eco-friendly hotel Hochschober. This "Carinthian Alliance" saves around 250 truck trips to the Turracher Höhe per year.

Ideas for the future.

As a member of the Change Maker Hotels Hotel Hochschober participates in implementing ideas to develop sustainable travelling further.

Waste reduction.

Waste reduction has been a focus for us for many years. Waste prevention and disposal are part of the internal training program. Goods are delivered mostly in reusable containers. Since 2009, the waste press has compressed residual waste, significantly reducing disposal trips.

Heat & fresh air.

Hotel Hochschober is perfectly equipped and digitalised in terms of heating and ventilation since May 2022. All heating and ventilation systems are networked and controllable via a central unit.

The Hochschober kitchen sources many products from the local area.
Plastic reduction.

Plastic and disposable packaging have been banned from the breakfast buffet for decades.


With the renovation and construction of staff accommodations, all employees living on the Turracher Höhe reach Hochschober on foot. An important contribution to the quality of our workplace for employees and for the environment, as many car rides can be avoided.


The eco-friendly Hotel Hochschober in Carinthia uses biodegradable cleaning agents wherever possible, in accordance with hygiene regulations. In total, it amounts to 95 percent of cleaning agents.


A new, highly efficient heat pump implemented in 2022 and the new photovoltaic system heat the water in the Seebad. The heat pump uses energy from the lake water from April to October. From November to March, the energy comes entirely from the biomass heating plant on the Turracher Höhe. This investment implemented in May 2022 saves approximately 116 tons of CO2 per year.

Did you know?
1,500 new LED lamps were installed at Hochschober.
Hotel Hochschober
Sustainability at the eco-friendly hotel in Carinthia
"Be the change you wish to see in the world."

Mahatma Gandhi
The sustainability goals of the United Nations are called "Development Targets". That is why even established businesses like Hotel Hochschober should constantly develop further. Acting sustainable means taking measures step by step - with a goal in mind.
Eco-friendly hotel Carinthia. We work sustainably
in the kitchen.
Sustainable kitchen philosophy

We place great emphasis on the origin of the ingredients for our culinary delights.

Eco-friendly hotel Carinthia. We work sustainably
Environmental protection at the hotel in Carinthia
We are contributing.
Eco-friendly hotel Carinthia. We work sustainably
Being part of the change.

After a sustainability report in the early 2000s and the common welfare balance (2014), the eco-friendly Hotel Hochschober completed the first SDI rating at the end of 2023 - as one of only 20 hotels in Austria. Based on many parameters, this "Sustainable Development Index" demonstrates engagement in sustainability.

Two values are remarkably high. Out of 100 possible points, Hochschober - our sustainable hotel in Carinthia - scores 78 points in corporate management and 74 points in the social area. In the environmental field, the value is 32 points. Considering the location and specialisation on wellness and spa, the supervising experts rated this excellent. However, there is still potential for improvement here.

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